The Omega Tower Histories

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Zyvurge is comprised of two principalities, originally the countries of Wharcer and Yadrios. Each of these is in turn made of territories formed around the original landholdings of the founding families. There are large cities and ports scattered around that have a semi-independent governorship, and whose laws are decided by largely democratic principles. However, the territorial lords still have final say over the cities.

The large island kingdom of Lagdral is potentially a third principality, but while the majority of Lagdrans are willing to join with Zyvurge, there are still deep misgivings in the higher levels of the royal house of Lagdra. Lagdral is ruled completely by the royal family, with no real political subdivisions. The only thing that might come close to a political rival is the Tradesmen Guild Association. Their primary goal is to ensure that the quality and price of manufactured goods remain as high as possible. The addition of Lagdral to Zyvurge would give the military forces an excellent place to harass the Northern Tribesmen on their Western front. This would relieve pressures on the Northern territories that are beginning to weaken under the constant fighting. Lagdral would also give better access to the far foreign ports of Yikuzal and Jigoen across the Great Western Ocean.

The 27 Northern Tribes are split into two main groups. Those that are members of a loose confederacy whose only goal is to invade the south lands, and those that are too far North to care. The tribes themselves are semi-nomadic with the rulers basing their power on age-old superstition and quasi-religious beliefs. Because of the conflicting views of each of these sets of tribal beliefs, the Tribes are almost as likely to fight each other as they are the Zyvurgans. Due to these potential conflicts, agents from Zyvurge have met with some success in keeping them occupied with tribal fighting instead of joining forces against their Southern enemies.

The military might of the Zyvurgans is built from standing forces provided by each of the 19 territorial lords, and each of the principalities. In addition, elite forces from the royal house of Zyvurge and the Jophaidian Guard round out the armed forces. In times of deep trouble, levies from the general population can also be called up as needed, but for the moment none are in use. Lagdral has only a simple navy, whose main object is to protect the ports and merchant ships from pirates. The Northern Tribesmen have no distinguishable army, as each tribe is usually a small army in and of itself, with members of both sexes trained in the military arts nearly since birth.