The Omega Tower Histories

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Well, I hope that’s the last we’ll see of those Yajiqwa. They come down from the North like the cold winds of winter, and then try to steal everything they can lay their flea infested fingers on. And, the smell! You’d think that alone would warn people not to trust them and put up their wares from the trading tables. I guess some people just don’t learn. Well, as they say, “To the unwary goes the worry”.

Personally, I’d rather keep my wares for a nice Guardsman or two, even if they can’t afford to pay what they once did for the sugared bakeries of old Harikan. Besides that, how did they ever survive long enough to make it all the way down here to fair Jophaid? You’d think the heat was close to killing them they way they strut around barely clothed, stinking up the place. I’ve heard tell that the women kin walk around stark naked, sweating like pigs over a roasting fire, once they’re out of sight of the townsfolk. Makes you wonder how they’d ever survive in the company of the royals. Not that that’s likely to happen of course.

Now the royals, there’s a nice bunch of folk. Upright and proper, and not a bad word to say about ‘em except they don’t come down to my stall and spend enough of their links. Hehe. Well, when I was younger, I can tell you there was a fine number of Guardsmen, Captains even, that I baked special treats for. Used to be I could walk up to the Tower with a basket of bits and fritters on a sunny Ludlu afternoon and spend the whole stel lolling with some of the finest Guardsmen in Jophiad. I almost got married to one before he was killed during a skirmish against the Northern Tribesmen. I heard later that it was against the very same tribe as was in town this stel. Never could find out for sure, but I still don’t like the look of them, or the smell either!

Now them fritters, maybe I’ll make up a batch and take a wander over to the Tower and see if there’s an old graybeard I can tempt. Yup, that’s the best idea I’ve had all niner.