The Omega Tower Histories

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The Trilla bird sure is singing prettily from the gnarled oak tree outside the window. Why that bird always seems to sing every morning from outside whatever room I sleep in is a mystery to me. Especially since my Lord’s cat always climbs the tree to try and catch it. I guess some things are just unknowable. Kind of like why the Guards of the Tower think that I can be of any use to them. There is nothing I can possibly do to assist them in their missions. Everyone knows that they secretly run all the governments of the entire world. With all of their dark looks and secret comings and goings, how could even a boy from Lower Jophaid not know this? Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be back at Lord Shillip’s manse mucking out the stables as soon as they realize my uselessness after breakfast. Imagine, me eating before my chores are done! Well, there’s another cat climbing the oak, and there goes the bird. Stupid bird.

The food here sure is good. No mold on the bread, and the cheese is all the same color. Plenty of it, too. I may try and steal some to take with me when I leave. I figure that should be around 10 minutes after my supposed interview with the Master Guardsmen. The Guardsman who brought me to the Tower last night said that there would be a few of the Masters who would question me about my life in Jophaid, and not to be frightened of anything they said or did. I hope they don’t ask me to read or dance. The only time I've danced was at last years Frigid Festival, and my Lord’s serving girls all laughed at me and said I was completely graceless.

On the wall of the dining hall are several maps of the world. I’ve drawn a copy of one that wasn’t too complex. Some of the maps had so many lines and figures drawn on them, I couldn’t even tell where they were for!

Map of Danukoria

Well, the Guardsman is here to take me to see the Masters. I only hope maybe I can stay long enough for lunch and more of that good cheese.